About Peggy and Doug

Peggy Hayes and Doug Kobs are a jazz/pop/blues duo based in Raleigh, NC.

Peggy & Doug

Peggy Hayes

Peggy Hayes – Vocals

When Peggy and Doug met in January of 2012, they found they shared a musical passion for the great vocalists of the Golden Age of Jazz: Billie, Ella, Sinatra, and Bennett, to name a few.

Although jazz standards are a large part of Peggy and Doug’s repertoire, the Blues, whether light and breezy or down and dirty, is one of their favorite pastimes.

They also dig Pop tunes delivered with a touch of sophistication along the lines of Michael Buble’, Diana Krall, Sting and Adele, as well as classics by Joni Mitchell, Billy Joel and Bonnie Raitt.

Whatever your pleasure, it’s not just Peggy’s amazing voice and Doug’s spot-on keyboard/guitar stylings that make them such a joy to listen to. It’s also the fact that these two absolutely love what they do, and it shows. Peggy’s carefree attitude and Doug’s ever-present smile are contagious. You’ll feel as though you are part of the performance, because they bring you right into the music with them. They’re just fun to be around!

Peggy Hayes

Doug Kobs – Piano, Guitar

No matter what the venue or occasion, you’ll enjoy music that you know and love, and experience a performance that you and your guests will cherish. Peggy and Doug can:

+ add a touch of class to a wine tasting, gallery opening or private party

+ get people laughing and dancing at weddings, birthday bashes or office celebrations

+ bring down the house at a formal gala or business convention

+ set the mood for a memorial, religious ceremony or award program

+ form larger ensembles with musical colleagues

Whether Peggy and Doug are the main focus of event entertainment, are providing a subtle musical backdrop, or are simply there to give a touching tribute with a song or two, they will bring you just the right musical mood.

You’ll be glad they did…